The ambition of this site is to make it simple to find a reputable pool to point your mining equipment towards, trust your funds or your hardware to and also to provide an index of the myriad of pools, tools and services.

There's a ton of fraudulent products, people, companies and organisations in the crypto space, with only one intention; to defraud you of your hard-earned cryptocurrency. There are of course also cases of theft or loss of coins caused by poor risk management or incompetence by the the companies and people running things. For example mining pool operators holding the key to all coins in a wallet on a publicly accessible server, key personnel being the target of phishing attacks or exchanges getting hacked.

From being in this space for a long time, my best guess would be that fraud is a fitting description for 80% of the products, people, companies and organizations while incompetence covers another 15%. That leaves 5%, which is not a lot and as a newcomer to this space, it can be hard to distinguish incompetence from fraud and quite easy to get lost in the flamewars and hype. I hope this site can help miners and stakers find their way in the cryptocurrency mining and staking jungle.

If you have feedback, ideas or questions, feel free to reach out to @mclemmensen on twitter.