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Fee: 0.50%
Founded: 2017
Locations: North America

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Total reviews: 5

Supported Coins

BitcoinZ Hush Komodo Votecoin ZClassic ZCash ZenCash



Need more pools like LuckPool. It is the best, I get incredibly lucky with this pool!


hi i was (and still )new on mining . i thanks all off the pple their especially the operator Hellcats very helpful and a real miner :) dont miss the Lobby on gitter.


Mining since Dec 2016, never had issues, great community!


Been mining on LuckPool since September 2017. Their chat lobby has an active community and helpful people, it was here that I got a lot of help getting started in crypto. The pool's owner, hellcatz, is active in the chat room and always helpful if you have questions or issues with the pool.

The "Luck" aspect of luck pool I find neat, and can confirm you do get your extra payout for blocks your miner has found.


Mined on luckpool for a few weeks, wasn't lucky (i.e. didn't find any blocks) but ofc. still got the normal mining payouts.