Slush Pool Reviews

Fee: 2.00%
Founded: 2010
Locations: Asia, Europe, North America

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Total reviews: 4

Supported Coins

Bitcoin ZCash

Slush Pool was the first publicly accessible Bitcoin mining pool in the world and started in 2010, it was originally hosted on the address



Used it for zcash mining, stable as hell and always pays out, started mining for monero instead, if slush supported that I will switch back in a heartbeat!

Canary 🐦

Perfect for bitcoin mining, sold my Asics, but when I had them slush was my pool. Been here since the start and they never cheated me!


Require an account
Limited coins / algos.


Mined a little bit on this pool years a go, never did make much, but when I logged in after not having used my account for several years, I found my small BTC balance still there! 😊