Honeyminer Reviews

Site: https://honeyminer.com/ (ref)
Fee: 2.50-8.00%
Founded: 2017
Location: ?

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Total reviews: 14

Supported Algorithms

CryptoNight-V7, Ethash



Honeyminer is by far the best way to earn bitcoin. took me 30 seconds to get setup. now my gaming pc is making me money!


Honeyminer is by far the best software for crypto mining. They just released a new linux miner too!


Honeyminer is a great way to start mining. Payouts are sometimes slow but always come thru. Beautiful interface and great support!


Honeyminer is great for new miners and can't be used for a 51% attack like NiceHash can. It needs more coins to increase profits, and payouts in alt coins would be nice, but it works as advertised.


Never ever use this shit tool, it's simple yes, but they make it so difficult to get the money you made! Go to nicehash instead if you want an easy mining tool!

Konosuba God

Used for a couple of months. Worked perfectly until I earned $6.5. As soon as I earned $6.5, it went to shit. It would mine, but wouldn't pay me anything. When I tried to withdraw the $6.5 I had earned, It took 4 DAYS to be delivered to my wallet, minus a "withdrawal fee". So after I earned $6.5, with several hours of pc work, I came out with $4.46. Well below the amount I would need to make more than I spend on power. So all in all I dedicated power and PC performance to them and I came out $2 poorer. Stay away. Seriously.


I have been using HoneyMiner for over a year, it is by far the best. I get more profits and less fees. I think all of these low ratings are fake reviews from competitors.


Scammy mcscam site, stay away from honeyminer!


Honeyminer is the best software I have used. Absolutely no issues with it, and I even get more profits from it then from other similar software. If you haven't tried it out yet what are you waiting for?


Only got paid once and their fees are crazy high!


Crap software only works half the time and the payouts never come, stay away!


Does not work.


Throwing out errors.


Tried this for CPU/GPU mining, it's easy to install so I give it 3 starts, but the crypto you earn is a lot less than a proper setup with a pool like zpool.ca or mining pool hub!