Mining Pool Hub Reviews

Fee: 0.90-1.10%
Founded: 2014
Locations: Asia, Europe, North America

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Total reviews: 11

Mining Pool Hub (MPH) offers a number of different mining algorithms, that automatically mine whatever is most profitable coin is for that algorithm. If you're mining the equihash algorithm for example, it can automatically switch between mining Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Zclassic and ZenCash.

You can also setup software on your mining equipment to automatically mine whatever the most profitable algorithm is at any given moment. MPH calls this: Multi-algo switching.

Additionally MPH offers automatically exchanging the mined cryptocurrencies into another cryptocurrency for a small fee.



Scam. Does not pay. Does not response on questions. Aks for fees but on they website they write that there are no fees. The police in the UK is already inform about this scam.


Hard to get started with multi algo mining, but very stable once it has been setup!

A more user friendly setup for multi mining, like nicehash, would make it 5 stars!


this website is trash customer service support is trash all they do is pawn it off on forums Reddit users it's basically give around GPU mining and AMD even though they advertise Asic mining all it is is another s*** website just like which is basically the same garbage





Miningpoolhub runs nicely once setup, always pays out your coins! 🤑



Amazing pool, never down, low fees and Auto exchange is awesome, gives me BTC, XMR or ETH no matter what algorithms I mine 👍👌


I've switched to this pool exclusively. You can get paid in almost any coin, for a very low conversion fee. No need to mine with a half dozen different pools, just point awesome miner at this guy and let them do their thing. Collect a dozen different alt coins, and have all the dust converted to something you want, like BTC, ETH, etc.


Stable as a rock, never had any downtime with this pool. Requires a bit of tech and scripting knowledge to get started with the multi-algo mining (GPU).


Mined on this pool for 6+ months last year, except from the awful and sometimes confusing user interface on their site, everything went great and they always paid out my coins.