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Fee: 2.00-5.00%
Founded: 2014
Locations: Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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On NiceHash you don't mine any cryptocurrency directly, you instead rent out your computing power to the highest bidder - it is a marketplace for a vast number of mining algorithms. If you mine with the official NiceHash Windows application, it will automatically mine whatever is most profitable for your hardware at the moment. NiceHash pays out all earnings in Bitcoin (BTC).

It is also possible to bid on computing power offered by other users and in turn use that computing power to mine one or more cryptocurrencies.



Had a lot of downtime when they got hacked.

Good for new miners.

NH user

NH is effortless


Works OK on Windows, but on Mac and Linux you can't use their mining app, but have to setup all the mining apps yourself.

5 stars if the gui app supported Linux and Mac!


The best mining solution, perfect costumer support...



Giving the money back which means they are serious and not scam like most of the others! Love the simplicity. customer support!


NiceHash is the best!


long-time miner

Best profit easy to use software.


Easy to start, not as much coins as other harder to use pools though.

They also got hacked, I heard they are paying back the users over time, so at least they don't seem to be scammy! 😆






I love NiceHash! It is a very good service because of its simplicity of use. I use it for over a year now, not many problems overall. Very responsive on social media and also great customer support.


More earnings than minergate in my experience, easy to setup as well. I tend to earn more on average by mining on mining pool hub or


Mined on and off with nicehash in 2016 and 2017, the convenience of not having to do any setup besides downloading their mining app made it a simple way to get started.